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LF adult oriented social/semi-casual friendly PVE guild - 3 players (NA- 2 Pacific, 1 central)


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We are a group of 3 people who transitioned from WoW in Feb and are looking for a new guild to call home for PVE type things.We do a fair bit of WvW but on KN server & are fairly set up for that already.We are looking for an adult oriented social group of people who enjoy getting up to shenanigans.

The 1 person on Central time is interested in Raiding, but not mandatory right now (Guardian, Engi, Druid)the 2 folks on pacific time are filthy casusals but still in it for a good time. Open to doing metas, events, missions... whatever really..

pls message kaleesie.3429 in game so we can see if we'll be a good fit for your crew!

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