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I haven't played since shortly after the game launched, and honestly I kind of forgot the game existed. I am enjoying being back, though - any recommendations for a returning player on what to note regarding changes?

Also, how's the RP community doing? Any thoughts on where I should look for that, what I should look out for, et cetera?

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Can't speak for the RP community. But maybe the "players helping players" section of the forum might help.

So much has changed since launch, there's lots of new maps that have been added along with many QoL changes like the wardrobe for skins or the wallet for currencies. It's basically a new game if you last played in 2013. I'd say just look around, try some things and find out what suits you. The community in general is still very welcoming(at least in EU) and all game modes see enough activity to be worth a shot.

Have fun.

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I played at launch and quit due to dull end gameplay and moved on back to Wow. i came back during 2017 POF launch and stayed here to this day.The game improved alot and I have to say it's very different game from launch obviously.

The main I did was to complete the story and do my basic dallies and after I reached the end game I started my raiding life , fractal CM and titles and started PvP casually and the most fun for me is to hunt achievement and AP :)

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