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Dishonor for dc is automated but not for idle players?


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The issue is the system does not understand that they are throwing the game by staying back and just do a move every once in a while. You can report people who do that though.

As for d/c same issue. The system cannot tel if you left the game intentionally or d/c.

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Teleporting GW1 Dhuum that follows since the start of the game (and as he gets closer , you screen gets more dark) and stops when you get into combat or captured points !a)He move slower and slower , based on contribution stacksb)Starts fading (only shows vividly if you have low stacks)c) Won't attack you , if you more than 0x stacksd) Time spent on respawn , lower the contribution stacks

Stacks can be Action Per MIn/Damage/Time spent away from the safe zone + 1200 range (and increase it)/Moving throught invisible Checkpoints

Edit:Passing throught checkpoints , offer 1x stack (regardles of how much distance you travel)So if the person that is trolling with passing through them and not fighting ... if he get reported by 2x people for afk , he looses 1x stack (''travel stack'') ...he must do another action before Dhuum comes and 1-shot himStaying on captured points offers a 5 sec stack that refreshes ...and if you deal 5k to the enemy , or heal for 5k ,or cast 5x spells , it is extented to 1,5 min ...more if you do all the above

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