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Poor Rewards for Endgame Hearts

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I was running through areas in the Path of Fire expansion, and as I’m completing Hearts, I realized I was only getting roughly 3 silver for completing them.


For completing Level 80 hearts in supposedly endgame areas. That sounds silly.

If there’s one request I have for the Cantha expansion, or even for future updates, is to up the currency rewards for hearts in the region, even outside of Cantha in endgame and level 80 areas (both money and karma).

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I've found that after getting the minis and other unique items from the heart vendors, there's zero reason to do the hearts past getting 100% completion to unlock the elite specs. It wouldn't be so bad if the hearts filled at a reasonable pace but it can take 5-10 minutes per heart because it fills so slowly.

If there are hearts in EoD, I really hope they're more balanced than the ones in PoF. Or, should they keep PoF's (lack of) speed, give better rewards beyond the first time like you said. When Lake Doric's hearts are faster in comparison, you know the balance is way off.

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@radda.8920 said:no please i don't want hearts for cantha, really boring to do ..

Back in the day I thought bringing back hearts on top of everything else would be cool. Instead Anet map design defaulted to empty maps with tiny island hearts content.

Ya.. hearts should never come back. Not cuz they are bad, but it is an excuse for map design laziness.

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