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What should I work towards?

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Hello everyone!

I've been in the game a bit over a month now and have finished the story, but I'm kind of in the space of "now what". I've leveled 4 characters (because thankfully this game obviously wants you to have alts) and I've geared them all, I'm working towards ascended pieces on my main and have been learning strikes and fractals. Ascended gear takes some time, so I only have back, accessories, rings, amulet, and one weapon right now. Now that my checklist of basic things is much shorter than it was at the beginning, I'm kind of questioning what else I should work towards. I know there are some cool legendary weapons and armor, but aside from that obvious answer what cool little trinkets, vendor unlocks, etc. do you recommend to make life in the game easier or just get because they're neat?

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You could look to see what minis you like - there's a bunch for sale from vendors in PoF. There's also all the little home instance cats. The two WvW cats fight each other. with the sort-of Batman POW type comic text up in the air. There's also titles that you could chase after.

I run around with Yakslapper on one of my PvE characters. I wouldn't recommend that one unless you REALLY like wvw.

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The wiki will help you a lot in your quest to fun your fun in the game.

Another thing you could chase is the jumping puzzle achievement. There's a bunch of treasure-hunt type activities on maps, e.g. searching for coins in Grothmar.

Also, Grothmar is So. Much. Fun. I'm not sure if spent much time in that map. Assuming you haven't, it has a meta every half an hour (there are four metas) and little activities. The BEST meta is the Metal Legion concert. The most fun mini-game is demolition derby. I can't count the number of times I have done both of these.

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@"Justacravat.8320" said:I actually have to keep names turned off because my computer chugs when I am in populated zones if not, but these cats sound super fun~ I think I've seen them in home instances before.

I would recommend to look up Collection in achievement as some are rather long term goals. There is a collection which is time gated to only give you an item you need to consume each month (12 month, if you do this on regular basis and check your email).


If you don't have crafter, then make at least three crafter (as you need one for Light, Medium and Heavy armour - and it is better to use one for each as you will probably need to keep items that you craft which can't be stored in Material Storage as mats). Weaponsmith, Huntsman and Artisan craft different type of weapon and you need later in game to have at least one crafter, so that you can craft Ascended material (which some can be sold for Gold or kept). Important here is that at max crafting level you will also be able craft refinement that you sooner or later need. Crafting will also make it possible to turn Ore into Ingots which take less space and those can be sold, if you need to fee up Material Storage space. Look up on GW2 wiki how crafting work and how you can turn some items into next level of refinement.

When there is sale in Gem Store I would also recommend to get permanent salvage kit item (increase also Shared Inventory Slot as those aren't that often on sale compared to more common permanent salvage kit). As an example when I made food on my crafter and then put it into mu Shared Inventory which stood at a cat which could be feed, then I didn't have to move that character to closest Bank NPC to get that item and use it. Get permanent gathering tools and with Glyphs already equipped as those can be expensive to buy through TP. Buying a permanent gathering tool without glyph is only the skin (although you don't need to buy a new one for each 25 or 50 charges). Why do I recommend this? Because permanent only need one slot for each type of gathering type for harvesting like plants, wood or ore.

Here is a list of NPCs that sell Gathering tools that work the same way as Glyphs: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Gathering_Merchant(These tools cost Karma, so be careful to not use up all your Karma on these tools over time as I did before I decided to buy permanent tools. You will get less Karma as other map token will dominate when you get out of core Tyria maps and don't do Hearts like you did in core. Scrolls and Tomes cost a lot of Karma each, so that is why I warn against thinking that you can just buy these Karma Gathering Tools instead of normal Gathering Tools).

Those will give you an impression on how different it will feel vs the ordinary non-permanent one.

You can change those Glyphs as upgrades for free to any Gathering Tools, so when you have bought Reaping that come with Skyscale hatchling you can move it any wood gathering tool (including non-permanent with charges that have an upgrade slot). In Orr there is node with several trees and with only one press you gather all these logs instead for having to go to each and one and collect three logs. You can see nodes where you farm here: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Node_farmIndustries is rather expensive with around 400-500 Gold, but the same Glyph is on Firestorm Logging Tool. This tool where in Gem Store this week (wiki haven't been updated for Gem Store History as only show march as last time it where in store which I know is incorrect as I bought this item myself when it where in shop last week). From GSH I would expect it to be in store on sale (reduced price) during Winterdays, but there is no warranty for that. Get it when you can even if you don't like the animation with Fire (and the animation is rather short for being a type of channelling animation). Remember that all permanent tools have normal price at 1000 Gems independent if they have a Glyph or not.

I would suggest that get Skyscale mount and use that instead of Volatile Magic on Gathering tool. Unbound Magic can be collected if you go to Bloodstone Fen map and combine flying mounts and Gliding. Both are map token (HoT and PoF maps). You will probably gain more from using Reaping, Industry and Timekeeper (it is random, but collect all three in one action and sometime you can at a Rich node get this to happen two time out of three times - Rich node have three strikes with three item for each strike and some extra item if you are lucky). Reaping will also collect all other node from Synthesiser that a close enough, so if you are in guild you will be able to fast farm all cloths, leather etc in one strike.

https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Skyscale_Hatchling_Harvesting_Tool (the only permanent with Reaping glyph - the animation is rather fast compared to Unbound Magic skin or the charged version)

https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Firestorm_Logging_Tool (Industrious)

https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Glyph_(upgrade) (a list of all Glyph - you can use this and get direct to which permanent version that have this Glyph)

Also don't forget that you can turn Gold into Gem to reduce a bit of real money cost to purchase these Gem Store items. DON'T buy Gems and turn them into Gold as that is another market with a much higher cost (exchange) then the other way around.

Related to this is your Home Instance as it where you over time will have all your nodes from achievement, from buying at NPCs those and from Black Lion NPCs. Doing map completion give you keys to open those chests, and those chests contain token that you can use to buy items including nodes for Home Instance.

https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Black_Lion_Statuette (token from opening BL chests with keys you can get form doing Map Completion)

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@"Justacravat.8320" said:Hello everyone!

...but aside from that obvious answer what cool little trinkets, vendor unlocks, etc. do you recommend to make life in the game easier or just get because they're neat?

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