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Hamstrung and Frailty on Sunqua = bad

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So having Hamstrung and Frailty on a fractal that has a mechanic that you need to spread out constantly or else getting 1 shot is pretty harsh, especially for CM 100. My static, who got DwD on first day and pretty much does it every night in 1-2 tries, struggled on CM100 last night because of these two instabilities, especially the hamstrung. Might want to revisit these combinations.

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Just like was said in the other thread just a few down from yours: Frailty shouldn't be too much of an issue since the majority of damage can be mitigated by positioning. Hamstrung is the same. You won't be slowed down if you aren't getting hit needlessly.

This entire fractal can be done without taking a lot of hits with times dodges and standing outside the telegraphed AoEs.

I think it's fine. My group has had no problems so far, if we're going to use anecdotes as a baseline.

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