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The 15th King and Queen's Horrorween (2020)

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ekhm, so I'm just going to bed (6:11am CET with an extra hour in mind, cause clock moved that night) right after logging out from the game after my time at the Horrorween's afterparty and tbh I'm not even sure if it ended yet... There were still 6 people chasing after ancient knowledge which King Frozenwind was sharing during a never-ending stroll.

It was epic.

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I hope you wonderful darlings all had a spooktacular time. I feel we really outdid ourselves this year. Congratulations to the Costume Contest winners and everyone else that won something. And thanks to some of the Anet staff for attending, you know who you are. Also, much thanks to CMAJ, Poet and the entire GOTD guild, without whom this event would not have been possible.

Now, I am going to see what's left of the snowman after pulling an all nighter.

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