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Suggestion! Mini Elder Dragons once they're all known!

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I love both dragons and mini pets, so I'm fully in favour of this. We already have a mini Tequatl and several minis of Aurene (in fact she might have more minis than any other character), getting minis of the Elder Dragons would be cool.

Also they add new minis to the game periodically (at least a few with every living world release, and often festivals too) so it seems like something they're willing to spend resources on anyway.

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@firedragon.8953 said:Wait, these don't exist already?! Why the Hell not? I am not a big mini fan (besides the panda, lol), but I have to admit, I like this idea!

There's lots of things in the game which don't have minis yet. And weirdly there are mini pets of some things which don't actually appear in the game. I'm not sure what the logic is, maybe it just comes down to what someone at Anet feels like turning into a mini pet.

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