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[Bug] From the Ashes cannot be completed

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Experienced a bug that was preventing me from progressing in LS4 (I disconnected from the server 5 times in a row at the same spot). I found someone else had the same issue here https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/a49bqu/bug_from_the_ashes_cannot_be_completed/. Below is their description which sums up the same problem:

"The LS4 story instance From the Ashes is bugged and cannot be completed. The final interaction with the sniper priestess, when you're supposed to kill her, crashes the instance whenever she finishes speaking. Already reported in-game. Pretty annoying since it's blocking progress."

I was able to find a possible workaround and wanted to share here in case someone experiences the same problem in the future. Restarting the client or trying again later didn't seem to work, however on the sixth attempt I ran the client as administrator. I also stood right next the priestess and clicked "Show Mercy [F]" immediately after her dialogue finished. After doing so I was able to complete the instance and was not kicked off the server. Not sure if the problem was the client or I was always standing a bit too far back, but again wanted to share this in case it helps someone in the future.

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