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Limited-Use Halloween Finishers are still annoying to throw away


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I see that after another Mad King event, Anet has still not made it any easier to get rid of these things. I have the Permanent Finishers for both so the limited-use ones are trash to me. I'm not complaining about that though. What I am complaining about is that I have to type out the names for them EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Why is this a necessary thing? Especially when they are gotten so frequently? If Anet can't get rid of the typing can they at least add in a merchant that can buy them off of you for 1 Candy Corn a piece. I don't care what, I just don't want to have to deal with the things clogging up my inventory or taking forever to get rid of.

Better yet, is there not a way to restrict players who have the Permanent Finishers from getting the limited-use ones in the first place? That would be fine also.

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