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Improve your anti-throwing system.


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Detecting sitting in spawn no matter if moving while the game is active should give dishonor after more than 90 seconds and there should be "no warning" over it, that way it's easy to punish people that willingly ruin the games while players that actively play don't lose as much rating.

It takes less time than that to have a full team respawn as well therfor won't hinder the gameplay.

Standing still near an objective/hotspot within a certain radius should have players immune to being kicked.

Not being in combat/AFKing in the map anywhere not near those objectives/hotspots should be 60 seconds.

There is no reason to stay back and away from objectives/hotspots, it'll prevent people from wanting to exploit outside spawn as well.

Fighting off those objectives/hotspots gets compensated by combat status so nobody is going to get kicked being off point.

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@Tayga.3192 said:What anti-throwing system

I feel that. That's probably going to be everyone's first thought here.

If a thrower doesn't DC then they're just given reward pips and maybe get reported to some level of effect, but you can report a thrower then get them in your games for a solid week after doing so.Did I mention they're given pips for doing that? Not much in place to actually discourage people from doing so.

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I was gonna call it based on their AFK solution which is not bad by any means which /can/ take care of those who throw and don't realize yet they can be kicked, it's also what they believe in to keep people not behaving, however it's easy to just check on GW2 and drag your whole team down purposefully by one button press, so I went with Anti-Throw because it tries to accomplish that vaguely yet it's 99% of the time inefficient, that 1% still exist though.

Forcing those folks to get involved in the match by just even feeding is already a step in the right direction because we all know that from experience it's what people hate the most, being forced to put even more effort in anyway to not get punished.

Any efforts invested into making it more than just pressing a key to throw will degrade throwers from caring to play and that can also motivate people that don't play anymore because of them to come back at a positive impact.

It's far from impossible for Anet to implement something this simple as most of it is just map additions based on basic rules and they're constantly creating maps in PvE with various newly created features and effects.

To punish inactivity based on these simple important facts passively would be most welcomed because those who play the game normally won't be worried about it.

Going from node to node within a certain reach of it keeps you from being affected and being in combat is the main attraction, nobody is going to stay still doing nothing in the middle of the road during normal gameplay, having to move at an objective forcefully easily makes them bait that can get them killed and be obliged to move and do things again to not be dishonored from AFK in spawn with an invisible timer or in the middle of nowhere with a similar timer that resets on combat.

I know it sounds rather controlling to have this in place, but to discourage people that can't take losing for 10 seconds from ever coming into the game, it's definitely worth it.

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The game should be able to tell if a player never moves from the home base, regardless if they are typing in chat! So many going AFK half way through a game, its not fun.

Of course they might just stand somewhere else but it would be a start if they got DH or punished for not playing., then when they reach like 10 DH points or something ban them for so many days.

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