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Unable to progress "Confer with Bangar"

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With the achievement "Confer with Bangar", I'm supposed to return to Bangar every time a new step opens up in the achievement, and then click on him to hear what he (or NPCs around him) say. This worked fine with the first three steps. However, when "Rytlock speaks his mind" opened up, I was unable to click on Bangar to talk to him. I thought I'd wait and check later, but now the step after that has opened up too ("Aurene versus Jormag"), and I'm still unable to speak to Bangar.

All my friends are able to talk to Bangar, but I'm unable to do so still.

A screenshot of the achievement

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After communicating via ticket, the issue was resolved, though to be honest I'm not sure how. I was indeed using the same character, and previously when I would press F to "Talk" with Rytlock, I wouldn't get anything. Today however, I went up to Rytlock and pressed F and suddenly the fourth conversation popped up and it worked. After that was done, I zoned out and back in and the fifth conversation played out fine as well.

So yeah, unfortunately I can' say much more to what caused the issue. If you encounter this, all I can say is: zone out, zone back in and then press F next to the conversation NPC (whether that's Bangar or Rytlock or whoever else in the future). If that fails, wait for a bit and try again. If it still doesn't work, open a ticket. Be courteous while communicating with them and then try again. Maybe it'll work, who knows (I don't know if they did anything on their end, so I can't say that the ticket made a difference either).

Good luck to you all and take care.

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