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Sharing Life steal effects with allies is inconsistent

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There are some skills in gw that allow you to grant a life steal effect to allies, but they dont behave all the same.

Necromancers Vampiric Aura, Signet of Vampirism and Renegades Soulcleave's Summit use the players own stats to calculate the damage and healing of the life steal effect.

Heralds Facet of Nature grants a life steal aura while in assassin form, but this one uses the affected players stats instead of the heralds.

Thiefs Leeching Venoms lets shared venoms steal life. This one uses the thiefs power for the damage calculation, but the affected allies healing power for the healing part.

The current system is very confusing and all life steal shares should work the same. I prefer if all skills would use the players own stats for the effect calculation, so the numbers shown in the skill description are correct, but please unify the system to make it less confusing.

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And question : " do all the siphons of life work under death Shroud " ? For exemple, the combo area dark & whirl finisher don't heal but does damage. The ancien trait " vampiric ritituals " was doing damages AND heal ... ( deleted nowadays :s )There is less and less thing that heals under shroud ... :'(

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my findings with shroud. ( maybe translation errors, i'm french ).

Sign of vampirism, the traits "vampiric" , "vampiric presence" specific to your necromancer works under a shroud.-Sign of vampirism (activated by other necro) when attacking the marked target, and "vampiric presence" of an other necro allow healing under the shroud.

Se which does not work / no longer for obscure reasons:

  • zone of darkness + whirl attack combo, leeching bolt activate life siphon damage but not healing under shroud
  • "Soulcleave's Summit" (Rénégat) same observation.
  • "Facet of nature" (herald legendary assassin) same observation.

=> Small aside, the trait "sign of suffering" (spite) does decrease the cooldown of sign of vampirism, but doesn't change the damage and healing of life siphon. His last ones remain the same outside or under the shroud. : /

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