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More combat tonics, please!

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Could we get a endless skeleton tonic in novelty that allows us to fight - normal fight with weapons and skills - while transformed? Like the Kodan one, but as skeleton? Pretty please? :)I'd love it!


New part: Since we did not tengu as playable race, can we, pretty please, get a tengu tonic that can be used in combat like the kodan one? 🙂

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Endless Skeleton Combat Tonic.Endless Glow-in-the-Dark Combat Tonic.Endless Burning Skeleton Combat Tonic.Endless Ghostly Skeleton Combat Tonic.Endless Mummy Combat Tonic.Endless Tengu Combat Tonic.

Why are these not things, hmm? Skeletons use male human animations. Mummies use female human animations. Tengu use charr animations. These should be things.

@Amanda Whitemoon.6173 said:i would like to have these battle tonics also for the norn transformsHarder to do because those don't use the rigging of any playable race, I think. They might use charr rigging and I just never noticed, but AFAIK their rigging is unique.

If they do use charr rigging, then 100% Endless Bear Form/Wolf Form/Raven Form/Snow Leopard Form Combat Tonics.

@Altion.9576 said:

@ErikTheTyrant.4527 said:I'd also want a skeleton infusion for all the races if possible. A skeletal charr, or skeletal asura would be fun imo. Not quite sure how a skeletal sylvari would work. Emphasis on the if possible.a skeletal sylvari would be just plant veins walking around heheWould be a wooden skeleton, per lore. Their muscles are vines, hair are leaves, bones are wood, blood is sap, etc.

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@Just a flesh wound.3589 said:I’m for it but they need to update tonics so mounts can be used without getting out of the tonic first, even if it’s an automatic off/on toggle where it toggles off when you mount up and toggles back on when you dismount. Otherwise it will be sitting unused with my other combat tonics.

I totally agree, it's something I've been wishing since forever too!

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@Silvia.9130 said:We can all dream together! :DI mean, it shouldn't be too impossible to make, since there are other similar tonics just with other forms!Steve's babies to take over Tyria!!

Well i'm not a developer but I don't think it would be all that hard to do either.They already have the model and im pretty sure skeletons use the same character frame as Human males and im pretty sure they have skeletons as a transformation already in game so in theory making a combat tonic using the model probably wouldn't take that much time or effort to do..I could be very wrong though, i've no idea what it actually takes to make a combat tonic in Gw2.. but having done some light modding for Skyrim I can't imagine it being a highly complex process if all the assets already exist in the game right now.

I do wish they'd make more combat tonics, I still really want a Tengu one.

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@Plok.5873 said:

@Mortifera.6138 said:Yeah, I want to be a Risen.

Side note, cosmetic infusions might do the trick as well and offer less trouble with mounts. Undead textures for all races already exist, it would be a mere re-use.

They are more likely to clash with armours though.. clipping issues etc.If anything I'd say outfits are probably the best way to go though I think the limitation with outfits is that they cannot change the players skeletal frame like Transform tonics do.

So if they made a risen outfit it would be locked to your race.. where as if they made a risen tonic they could make it so you could swap from a norn to a charr to a human etc on the fly if you wished.. but you wouldn't be able to mount.

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