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Guild membership age

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@DaVid Darksoul.4985 said:Is there a way to show how long members have been in a guild?. I Would be nice to be able to know that. I was going thru the roster to see if any oldtimers needed to be advanced in ranks in honor of their time with the guild, but as old as our guild is and the high number of players it was impossible to remember.Ask your guild leader

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No way to know really.

One possible way to sort people is to give them nicknames with the year, according to the year they joined up. Example, give everyone who is a guild member now a nickname with a 20 on the end, or a nickname with the year if you know it. Then next year anyone who joins get, nickname 21 and then, nickname 22 and so on for successive years. For example if I joined your guild this year I would be nicknamed, Just a flesh wound 20, so you can easily see I joined in the year 2020.

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