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Any guide on attributes?

Al Masone.1274

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Hi, I was recently wonder about what stats best suit my character (a reaper necro), and while I found a good number of builds on the internet, I haven't found so far an up-to-date guide on how attributes work and which class most benefits from which.I'd be really interested in a guide and helps me understand how to build my character and how to mix and match attributes.I keep seeing tons of people going full berserker gear in fractals and failing miserably, even in lower difficulties

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Power - Increases the damage your attacks doPrecision - Increases your chance to deal a critical hit (Up to a maximum of 100% chance)Ferocity - Increases the damage your critical hits doCondition Damage - Increases the damage dealt by Conditions (Bleeding, Burning, Poison, Confusion, Torment)Expertise - Increases the duration of Conditions you inflict (Up to a maximum of 100% additional duration)Concentration - Increases the duration of Boons you apply (Up to a maximum of 100% additional duration)Healing Power - Increases the healing that your skills and Regeneration boons doVitality - Increases your health pool (Also Life Force for Necromancers)Toughness - Decreases the damage you take from attacks (No affect on conditions)

As such, for optimal damage there are two main stat distributions:

Berserker - Power, Precision, FerocityViper - Power, Condition Damage, Precision, Expertise

Of course, the ideal scenario requires trying to obtain certain stat breakpoints, which would be 100% crit chance for power builds and 100% condition duration for condition builds so you can sometimes see people substitute some alternate gear:

Assassin - Precision, Power, FerocityGrieving - Power, Condition Damage, Precision, Ferocity

In this case, Assassin gear with a primary stat of Precision helps increase Crit chance to hit the 100% crit chance cap. While Grieving gear is used when a build has already reached 100% condition duration cap so Expertise is no longer desired.

For alternative gear types, there are options for players whom aren't so good at avoiding damage and find themselves losing DPS because of dying:

Marauder - Power, Precision, Vitality, FerocityCarrion - Condition Damage, Power, VitalityTrailblazer - Toughness, Condition Damage, Vitality, Expertise

It however is not recommended to use Trailblazer in instanced content due to Toughness affecting enemy targetting.

For Supportive builds, there are 3 gear types that are commonly used:

Harrier - Power, Concentration, Healing Power (PvE Healer)Minstrel - Toughness, Healing Power, Vitality, Concentration (WvW Healer)Diviner - Power, Concentration, Precision, Ferocity (Boonbot)

For instanced PvE, it's important to remember to not use gear with Toughness on, due to how it interacts with enemy targetting (Unless you're specifically playing as the Tank in the party in which case things like Minstrel geared Druid/Tempest/Guardian can work). It is also important to keep an eye on breakpoints, some classes do not need full Diviner gear to reach 100% duration on their relevant boons, due to having other sources of duration increases (Such as traits or Runes) and can substitute pieces out for better damage (Berserker/Assassin) or more survivability (Marauder)

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