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Questions about how to post documents

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I doubt a new class is needed as in GW2 characters progress in the form of elite specs. What would a new class do that the existing 9 classes with their respective elite specs don't? How would a new class be introduced, with two, probably three elite specs, all at once?

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You cannot attach a word document (or any other type of file) to a post.

You have two options:1) Put it online using something like Google Docs and then link to it2) Split it into multiple posts. Copy and past it all into one then trim out as much as necessary until it will fit, then copy and past the rest into a reply to that first post, and keep repeating the process until it's all there.

Also, at the risk of making an unfair assumption, I strongly recommend you give it a re-read first and see how much you can trim it down. I've hit the character limit for posts a few times and it's pretty massive, you have to be writing basically an essay (or in my case a guide to a long process) to hit that limit. The longer your post is the less likely people are to read it all the way through, so it's in your interest to make it as short as reasonably possible, with a brief overview of the general idea at the top to catch people's interest and persuade them it's worth reading all the detail. Things like lists of skills or traits could be a bullet-point list of the key features rather than full descriptions.

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