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Couple seeking Christian Guild | SoR | Eastern | Casual


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An Eastern Time Zone couple on Sanctum of Rall are currently seeking to expand our gaming family and we need your help! We come as a pair and would like to stay as a pair, but expand our circle of human interaction---because we’re parents to two girls both under the age of 5 and haven’t the ability to have a life beyond our home. Our special talents include singing every song ever found in the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse shows and reciting Pout-Pout Fish from memory. So obviously, we'd be a huge asset to any established guild.

What we’re looking for: Home. We’re very family-friendly and Christ-centered. We don’t curse, we don’t use the Lord’s name in vain, we don’t party (see that we have children), and we’re old enough to know that we don’t like drama---we can’t even stand reality TV. We're not fans of such behavior. Our new home doesn't have to be perfect, but we do ask that our home not condone profanity or using the Lord's name in vain. Those two things are our biggest concerns. So! If you're a member or leader of a Christian guild and don't mind having two old souls joining you, please read on!

We are:

  • Members on Sanctum of Rall
  • PvX
  • Christian
  • Family-friendly
  • Early 30s
  • Too lazy to swap between repping guilds, so we'll be repping you 100%
  • "Filthy" casuals
  • Driven mad by Mickey Mouse

We seek:

  • Family-friendly and/or Christian-based
  • Preferably SoR guild for WvW
  • PvX
  • Bonus: VoIP and/or website

The husband: He’s a former WoW-head that was converted to Guild Wars 2 upon marriage to his humble and amazing wife (me). He rather PvP or smash faces in WvW than complete any part of his personal story line. He currently mains as a Warrior…and has a Ranger alt. Both are level 80. He likes to discuss the Bible, theologies, philosophies, and a whole bunch of other -ies. Online, he is a man of few words often choosing to type his responses or have me be his voice. He gets distracted by his blood-lust and often forgets to respond to folks---but he's a fantastic teammate as long as he's promised a high body count.

The wife: Words fail to describe me, but I’ll try. In-game I am very easily distracted by events, harvesting nodes, bosses, and high cliffs that I must toss my pixel body off of. I unintentionally Leroy Jenkins at times and at other times I intentionally do it. I think a game should be fun and never a chore. I don’t run Meta Builds unless I feel like winning some matches in PvP and I will randomly start dancing in game because I wish I had moves like that in real life. I have 7 level 80s, but I main as a Druid. I'm a Wolf rank in PvP, and have the ability to Commander tag-up. I do take direction well when partying with an actual group and I’m dependable. I’ll keep you alive or die trying.

Side Notes:

  • We are willing to jump servers provided that the home server of the guild is open to transfers.
  • We're returning players after taking a year long hiatus. It will take us a while to regain our skills.
  • If there isn't already an established Christian guild on SoR and there is enough interest, I wouldn't be opposed to helping establish a new guild.
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Hey there, I am Xivor, the guild leader for [FIRE] Chariot of Fire. We are a Christian-based guild, with a family-friendly atmosphere and a strong community! We initially formed in GW1, came to GW2 on Sanctum of Rall, and then transferred our WvW core to Northern Shiverpeaks a few years ago, where we found a more welcoming community that respected our standards and gameplay style.

We have many family groups in our guild: husband/wife teams, father/son, brother/sister, etc. my own wife and two boys play! It sounds like what you are looking for can be found among us.

If you have any questions about FIRE, feel free to message me in-game at xivor.8754 or via PM on this site. If interested in gathering more information or joining, You can read more at our website or fill out an application for membership: https://firegaming.org

I hope to hear from you!

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