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[EU] LF Guild on Fissure of Woe (Mainly PvE, some WvW. Casual player)


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I'm looking for a guild for casual PvE and perhaps some WvW.

I've had GW2 for years but never really got into it until recently. Slowly making my way through the story for my first max level. Interested in general social gaming, dungeons, fractals and jumping puzzles. Perhaps Raids when I hit max level, but only have the base game so far, will pick up the expansions as I progress.

Have dabbled in WvW and think I'd enjoy it in a co-ordinated group. Not a must though and would consider joining a guild not on my server.

I usually play late in the evening (after 10pm BST/GMT), but can be on earlier if I plan ahead. Happy to go on voice chat via Discord etc.

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