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Combat Tonics

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Why aren't some of the obvious tonics not combat tonics like the ones with multiple forms with select forms?Given the difficulties or rarities of most of these potions, we need more flare for them or use, people want to be immersed in their roleplay or having fun as a certain race/armor/appearance. While we already have some combat tonics, we want more! We appreciate the time you guys took(anet) to make some of the already made combat tonics but Halloween being around the corner, I can see a huge gold sink/gem spending for some of these tonics implemented. I just hope this thread becomes noticed and action taken before Halloween comes while there is still, potentially, work done on Halloween. Had so much fun with the tonics in guild wars 1 series because they did not look at hands being able to hold items like weapons. Please, pass this thread suggestion to your friends :)

Endless fractal tonic (Siegemaster Dulfy, First Mate Horrik, Molten Berseker, The Mossman, Legendary Archdiviner, Veteran Jade Maw Colossus, Captain Mai Trin , Baron von Scrufflebutt ,Thaumanova Anomaly, Legendary Imbued Shaman, Son of Svanir, Dessa's Krewe, Captain Ashym, krait)Endless anomaly (see Thaumanova Anomaly) <this tonic was a pain to obtain, by all means it needs combat form.Endless exaltedEndless choya tonics (the whole lot like the pinata, dance, mystery etc)Endless skritt burglarEndless branded mystery - few of the forms like humanoid+charr+bruteEndless mordrem trollEndless hellfire skeletonEndless exalted caster (and bastion)Endless mystery quaggan (and quaggan tonic variants)Endless mordrem huskEndless nuhoch (and crusher variant)Endless monkey king ( take his staff away when in combat mode unless using a staff)Endless princess dollEndless toy soldierEndless molten bruiserEndless cold potionEndless aetherizedEndless toy ventariEndless warm potionEndless halloween tonics (skeletons, mummies, candy golem)Endless ignited wraith

the lists may go on with replies belowobviously, dont make the costume brawl tonics a combat tonic UNLESS you have an OUT OF COMBAT mode where we can go INTO costume brawl. (maybe this could be a new QoL for roleplayers)

many many other tonics that can be, and should be combat tonics would lead to more immersion whereas we cant make characters with those races or dont have...please for the love of the gods and all that is good please update most of the tonics for and BEFORE Halloween!

gods i wish someone would back me up on this!

sorry, im just very enthusiastic about this game

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