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[Teef] Raffle for Dawn!

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[Teef] hosting Raffle for Dawn. 1g per ticket(no limit) after 500g total reached, drawing will occur. ALL proceeds towards more precursor work. #'s provided after donation. this post will be updated constantly. any gold over 500g will be returned ONLY AFTER 500g is reached. those purchasing multiple entries prior to 500g are safe. 500g is the cap so get in while you can!


1 - Do Duck

2 - Tbone Thief

3 - #12 - Ridirik Dinentang

13 - A Bad Decision

14 - #23 - Hikari Mitsui

24 - #29 - Bashful Ray

30 - #33 - Ægis User

34 - The Big Ghost

35 - #44 - Chris Gherrand

45 - #64 - Ægis User

no entries as of late, decided the odds are MORE in everyone above favor if i drew now, tired of the drama "scam this, scam that" will NEVER do this again. worst community ever.

14 - #23 - Hikari Mitsui won with 20!


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