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Serious AFK Problem in PvP


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I have never experienced a worse afk problem than in gw2. I have lost too many ranked games to ppl literally standing in spawn.The game recognizing and kicking you for being afk already exists. I have gotten kicked from 1v1 servers for going afk all the time. All you need to do is implement the same thing in ranked pvp.Also there needs to be something for ppl who afk, but will still move their character in spawn, because reporting doesn't work and everyone knows it.

Anet, get your shit together. Ranked pvp isnt even enjoyable anymore.

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Agree, two players in one match even went AFK today for me, the first one because player 1 went afk in another match, so player 2 went afk in this match, then obvs we were losing so player 2 decided to be afk as well and spent the whole match arguing and being abusive!

Not fun 3v5 for half the match

The report system needs a complete re-do cos they don't seem to get looked in to.

Maybe the game should have a DH system or something if you spend too long just standing in the home base area.

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