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The King and Queen's Horrorween 2020 - Official Art Contest

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The King and Queen's Horrorween Official Art Contest

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the oldest community event in the history of Guild Wars, we are holding a spooktacular Halloween art contest. To enter, post a Halloween art piece that you created in this thread, and include at least one of the event's hosts in your art piece. Below you will find an image of Daniel Frozenwind and Mad Queen Malafide for reference. We accept multiple entries from the same player, but each player is only eligible for one prize.

(The prizes have been updated. The value of the prizes has been increased, and the gold rewards have been adjusted accordingly. The overal worth of each prize is higher than what we initially offered. Further more, we're giving away smaller prizes to the runner ups as well.)


1st Place - Baquetta.8061 - 200 gold and a highly coveted Llama mini2nd Place - Cherrycake.9634 - 100 gold and The Crossing Staff3rd place - Shilo.4931 - 25 gold and The Mad Moon Shield

Runners Up

4th place - Malicei.9140 - Chaos Gun, precursor to Quip5th place - Hellschream.4812 - Rage, precursor to Frenzy6th place - Texpoca.7203 - Royal Flame Weapon Coffer7th Place - Fenella.2634 - Royal Flame Weapon Coffer




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Your Highness,Do you already know the exact day on which the contest will end? If i find enough time, i'm hoping to contribute a humble piece to this marvelous cotest. Speaking of, thanks for hosting this event! I'm always eager to find gw-related art in this forum and hopefully this inspires some people.

That being said, congrats to the first contestant. The different expressions on those pumpkins are a lovely detail^^

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TezPoca dearest, we shall announce the winner of the art contest right after october. We want to give you all as much time as possible to complete your entries for the contest, so you have until the very last day and last minute of the month.

NightDreamer darling, your entry has been accepted, since it is a visual art piece.

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@"Leo.3428" said:Much appreciated, Your Majesty.

You guys are so fast. I am still flexing my fingers. I shall post my studies and research in a desperate attempt to push myself to finish in time - and hopefully motivate some participants.


That's awesome, I love "the making of" concepting.

Also great work to all those who have submitted so far!

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Happy Horrorween to the Royal family! I bestow a gift upon you of the Mad Queen's very own portrait, to capture your majestic elegance for years to come! =)


(I'd be happy to share a higher-resolution version as well if requested - since Imgur compresses down on the image size)

Thank you for hosting the contest as well! I always love participating in community art events :)

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