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matchmaking class stacking is garbage


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Look at the bright side of life, It's easier to have a build that counter a single specific profession (with players all using the same public build from metabattle) than a build that counter 5 differents professions at once (and thus, obviously, 5 different builds, whether the builds are public or not).

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@mozlima.4015 said:Matchmaker in GW2 is : win 10, loose 10At least for me

And no matter how well you perform or what you switch to that counters the majority of the other team, you'll still lose.

Because the rest of your team will be so unbelievably bad that the points they give from repeated deaths can never make up for the amount of points you can get outrotating, keeping their team outnumbered, or generally trying your hardest.

It's unbelievably trash. Only I don't have the energy to invest in creating 50 alt accounts to jump on and game the system, nor do I have the desire to duo-queue or queue-dodge. Sad that you have to go through such extreme lengths just to beat a system this terrible.

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