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Can't reach Minimum System Requirements

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Hello family <3My name is Adam. Im 29, from Georgia Republic.I've been playing this game more than 4 years and after this Covid quarantine started my workplace closed. I couldn't find any other with my profession, because every bar/café/restaurant closed or working on minimum staff. (I'm Barman/Waiter)I had serious financial problems. I had to sell my phone/pc and some important items to help my family with minimum. Thanks god I found job 1 month ago and Now somehow I can think about having some short times every day to have fun in gw2.I cant afford PC. and its really expensive here. And my country currency keep falling down. I downloaded game on my friends pc and sometimes I go there to play but you know. I cant really do it more. Disturbing family etc. So he gifted me some old parts he had in warehouse.MB: Asus P5BDDR2: 4x1gb 800mhz RamCore 2 duo: E4700GT 9800250gb HDD.and old 19inch monitor with lines on it <3Well. Im really happy that I have pc to connect internet, but I kinda want to log and play some Story/WVW. I don't care about graphics right now. I just want game to run on minimum requirements.I cant afford upgrade on ddr3.Can you guys give me some info, how can I manage to play gw2. I already set everything on minimum. is there any other way aswell ?I though about increasing ram, but 2gb DDR2 is hard to find and really expensiveIm thinking about Q series processor. its rare and expensive aswell, but if this upgrade will help me I can afford just 1 part.I will be really thankful if someone can somehow lend me some ddr2 parts. if you dont need. Sadly never saw anyone playing gw2 from my country and there is no point to write in local forums.I will be grateful for every hint/help <3thanks all

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About upgrading ..Don't bother. Sorry to tell you, but you will need to build/buy a new PC. Everything in it would be considered low spec 10 years ago.You're better of building a new budget PC.It should be possible to build a PC good enough to play Guild Wars 2 decently for not to much money.Other good option is to buy a cheap used PC that has a decent CPU and at least 8 GB RAM and then buy either a Gtx 1050 or better, or a cheap used GPU like a GTX 750 TI or whatever for like 20-40$

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