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Shadow of the Mad King coming next week!

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GW2 Halloween announcements always give me mixed feelings. I really like the lore behind it and the mini games, but I've been put off by too many years spent farming candy corn/gold for a stupidly expensive mini pet, so now my initial reaction is always worry that I'll find myself doing that again. Last year was much better, the new minis cost "only" 55,000 candy corn so it was possible to farm it in a reasonable amount of time, but I always worry they'll go back to ones that cost 100,000+.

But as long as I'm not stuck farming the labyrinth endlessly I'm looking forward to it. (And this year I might remember that I have builds saved for it, instead of trying to re-create them from memory like last year.)

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I'll do the annual achievements but the festival isn't exciting to me. Far from it.

We'll see what the Demon Haunted weapons are like but I'm expecting them to be a slight reskin of the current Haunted weapons unlocked for gold and candy corn in much the same manner as the Sun-Blessed Zephyrite weapons.

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