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Fix out map spots for Lunatic Inquisition

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All is in the title.

Knowing that Halloween, and Lunatic Inquisition are coming back on next tuesday, I just wanted to give a little bump and remember to the devs that there's still a thing to fix :

Please add walls to prevent players from be able to reach out of map spots. Last year, a lot of players just repeatedly went to places which are normally unreachable, and then sat for the rest of the whole game. Let's just make everyone play the Lunatic Inquisition fairly, and let's seal those spots.

Thanks :)

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I'm going to bump this. LI is one of my favorite activities of the season. I've been showing it to my friends who are new to the game and we have a blast when played as intended. However, we still have people breaking out of the map and getting their 15-20 ToT bags while the ghosts get nothing. It's ruining my enjoyment.

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