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Ever take that camp knowing full well it doesn't serve a purpose outside of just robbing supply from an objective and think, if only....well...

Sapper yaks! What's better than a yak slapper? Well a yak that slaps back, of course.

Concept would be a new enhancement that can be scribed. Can be placed at T0 claimed camps. When slotted the enhancement would load the yak up with explosives and have it travel its normal path to an enemy structure, the enhancement would also a HP debuff lowering the health of yak. Along the way it can be killed like any other yak. If it isn't killed when it reaches the first enemy objective's gate, it explodes doing 5% damage to the gate. Thereby 20 yaks would be needed to take down an outer gate. Now to keep this active game play versus set it and forget it, the yaks health debuff would need to be adjusted so that un-aided it wouldn't make it thru a keep's gate guards but might a tower. Once it explodes it stops its travel, well, because it's dead.

So the active part of gameplay would be the side trying to use the sapper would need to make sure that the gate guards are thinned out or removed if they want the sapper to do its job. The other part making this active gameplay is sapper that delivers its charge should trigger swords on the objective to alert the defenders something is afoot. Only outer gates are impacted by this. So a tower might be opened in this method but only the outer on a keep can be taken down in this method. Yaks that are rigged for sapper do not deliver supply to friendly objectives they pass. Once there are no more enemy objectives in the yaks path the sapper enhancement is auto-removed and freed up for other enhancements regardless of if any claiming guild members are online to prevent trolling.

Now note not needed but optional additional changes to the camp could be that if a yak is successful in delivering its goods and damages the gate it counts like a yak making it to a friendly objective in regards to ranking up a camp increasing the value of the camp captures that are not directly in a line to supply a friendly objective. Players are pretty good about reflipping a stolen camp but this adds even more incentive to do so and thereby might create even more fights.

Good hunting!

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