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Citadel of Flame accessibility...

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Can any dev explain to me why, in 2020, we have a dungeon that is blocked behind an old-world meta that takes ages? A meta that resets in LESS than 30 mins?

Not only did we have to finish the meta before we started our P1-P2-P3 run, the event then reset and blocked the entrance after we came out of P2 - less than 30 mins after we went in for P1. Needless to say the group disbanded immediately.

It's no wonder that the game is losing players, when there is outrageous BS such as this still in the game. (when it's no longer relevant)

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DID THEY FIXED?!!! I am trying with everything I could and nothing. It keeps teleporting me back. even with mounts or when it pops the dungeon explorable path I click and nothing. When I missclick to the search option it opens the lfg so it seems the dungeon paths+story is purpously fixed to not be interacted if the event is not made.


Anet, sincerely, do you know how hard is to collect WILLING people to do that fricking events chain??!!! No one wants to open the dungeon thru the events....why you fixed the things no one asked for and dont fix the thing that need to be fixed?!!😡

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