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PVP Buff

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Whats the buff about?Game should give me an ingame message about what the heck is going on when I enter HoTM and there is a pvp buff meaning usually something is going on.

Lemme set things straight.You give us PvP Buff, so obviously something going on. YET......

  1. No notification in PvP forums about it
  2. No notification in game about it
  3. No notification in HoTM about it

wtf.I have to be REALLY REALLY in the loop to know what the heck is going on.You must put this info in some spot YOU THINK is easily noticable, but nah.FIx it, redo your business analysis on where people look for info.

Put that PvP notification in HoTM or on the PvP forums on a sticky or something. I shouldn't be looking HARD to find info that you'd like everyone to know whose interested.

I'm INTERESTED in knowing, but can't find squat, I frequent forums too.Get the business analysis dude to come back here, if he told you that those spots you placed it is the best. Tell him to recheck redo their data.Cuz I aint know where the heck this information I'D LIKE TO KNOW is at.

...Sure you can tell me, but when thread is long gone and you do it again. THOSE OTHER people aint gonna know but WANT TO KNOW and NOT KNOW unless you do something about it.

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agreed I saw that info and had no idea how to join in and I have the game from the start.I did one tournament 2v2got 2 portions bcs me mediocre pvper

spend felt 1 hour for thatno idea what extra rewards I can get or where for doing this

beside that No Bots in a PVP match was a nice surprise

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Few things,So I couldn't find because its 29th September, the events started going on yesterday. So when I'm looking, I'm looking for news that is YESTERDAY news, not a week or 2 ago for stuff going on YESTERDAY.

Again, whose gonna find it??? Who knows that you have to look 2 weeks ago for information happening YESTERDAY.The other link, first time I seen it, thats something diehard GW2 players know of if anything.

Thats the problem, this game when they do special events, they put it in places AINT NOBODY LOOKING AT.They need to get with the business analyst, tell him aint nobody seeing this, ARE YOU SURE THIS IS BEST WAY TO GO ABOUT THIS, ARE YOU SURE THIS IS BEST PLACES TO PUT IT. ARE YOU SURE THERE SHOULD BE NO STICKY ABOUT IT IN THE FORUM ITS ABOUT?

You told me where to look, but maybe 54784395 other people curious, they took a quick look but couldn't find squat about it too. 2 weeks ago for content YESTERDAY, that needs to change. Sure its nice notice, but there should be something DAY OF, that says HEY this event going on now, enjoy. I shouldn't have to go 2 WEEKS back to see whats going on TODAY.

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@Schimmi.6872 said:The event is shown ingame too, it's on the right side of the screen, the same place all the othe special events and festivcals are shown too.

Well whadda ya,It is there.

I've been playing for so long (2013 on and off) and just now realized it because YOU pointed it out to me.

That area though, has so much clutter, I hardly notice it until YOU pointed it out to me.

It isn't a bad area now that I know, but when I didn't know, its just clutter, so much in that spot with other clutter. They need to do an awareness thing, like have it flashing a few times when you log in for a year or so (with whatever events going on), so people KNOW for fact its right there. Without someone like YOU telling them.

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