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Depths of Tyria and the Deldrimor


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First of all I'm not sure if the new expansion will really end the dragons Era, but I've always liked the possibility of going underground to find the subterranean network of caverns and tunnels, discover if there's any dwarf alive, visit their great halls or find what's really happening down there and possibily face primordius. The world map could be layered by levels of depth like other maps and core regions could have their own underground network. Just missing a bit of a more dark and claustrophobic environment.

e.g. the deeproads from dragon age

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I feel as though we might get some of this in IBS. I know most wouldn't agree but the thought of another Tangled depths type map with dwarves in the depths of Tyria makes me really giddy. Also I know we already got to see some of the Stone Summit, but I'm still crossing my fingers that we will see more of them too.

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@Dadnir.5038 said:I don't think involving dwarves is the proper thing to do. That said, skriits and asura both have ties with the depths and can potentially have undergrounds settlement that require the help of our character.

The commander could get a call to help some Asura underground settlement trying to re-open the underground network (with kritt help, because shinies!) only to find a wounded Dredge along the way warning them that the dwarves were ultimatly defeated (if not already, I'm not sure) and primordius minions run the underground just beneath every major city.

By then Tyria is a time bomb leading to an unprecedented attack by the united races of tyria. Along the way we would find what's left of the dwarves while getting to know how the Asura lived with all the underground races.

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