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How can some people list stuff below the minimum allowed TP price?

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I just tried to sell 1 Medaillon of the Magi. Noticed some weird stuff which I noticed for other things as well in the last few days. The minimum price to list it ist 1 silver 30 copper. And there are tons of sell orders there. (No buy orders that is why the lowest possible selling price is flooded with orders here.)

Below that starting from 1 silver 25 copper somehow some orders are placed.How did this happen? How is this possible?

That thing has an NPC sell value of 1 silver 10 copper. The minimum amount you should net receive after all fees should be at least this amount. For me TP did not allow lower than 1 silver 30 copper.

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Mostly it's old listings from before they added minimum prices. Anet did remove a lot of those listings but I think it was quite time consuming to do that so they never got through all the items.

There's also a rare TP bug where if you click too quickly and hit sell before the page has loaded you can end up selling stuff for the vendor price (or possibly even lower) even if the game wouldn't normally allow that - either because it's below the minimum (which is vendor price + fees) or because there's buy orders higher than that. Although if there's buy orders it automatically goes to the highest offer and refunds them the extra gold. But if there aren't any offers I think it will just list it for sale.

(I had that happen to me once, I put in an offer for about 80g for a mini pet, and the next day I had the mini and almost all the gold waiting for me, I checked the TP history and it showed I'd bought the mini for the vendor price. Which was nice for me but must have been really disappointing for the buyer.)

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