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LA Skimmer course

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The skimmer course in LA still has an issue. The help dialog pops up even if you've done the course before and fully mastered diving. When it pops up the dive skill vanishes for a short period of time. The popup shouldn't come up for people repeating the course. It seems like the drop in skill is tied to that popup. I'd suggest removing that popup on repeats to see if that fixes it.

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That would make sense, actually there should be option to just turn off selected or all pop-ups.Another good option would be ability to send pop-ups' into chat (some pop-ups' text are useful, but big pop-up is annoying - converting it to text would be a great option).

But it's highly unlikely, nagging mastery pop-up (for player with not yet unlocked masteries system) is in game for years, and they weren't interested in fixing it, so don't think they change this one too. They just love those annoying pop-ups.

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