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Ronin Elite Specialization


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Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce the Ronin.

Elite Specialization - Ronin

Legend - Tengu

Weapon - Warhorn

Warhorn skill 1 - A cone-like AOE damage with some CC

Warhorn skill 2 - A typical warhorn buff skill providing boons and minor energy recharge

Utility skills including Healing and Elite - Whirlwinds are ground-targeted, low energy cost upkeep skills providing minor attribute buffs. Whirlwinds can be triggered by Screech. Whirlwinds will explode when triggered by Screech . They may heal, deal damage, provide boons or apply conditions after the explosion according to the selected trait. Healing skill will denotane itself after a very few seconds, Screech can't trigger it, so the player can use it separately.

Minor trait options for Whirlwinds - Option 1 Whirlwinds deal damage and apply offensive boons after explosion ( Synergizes with Shiro and Jallis ) Option 2 Whirlwinds deal lesser damage but apply conditions on foes after explosion ( Synergizes with Mallyx ) Option 3 Whirlwinds heal and apply defensive boons after explosion. ( Synergizes with Ventari )

F2 skill - Screech. While using other Legends, Screech will provide boons or apply conditions based on the Legend.

Just a sketch

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In my opinion the Ronin as an outcast samurai really fits the canthan tengu theme, so does the warhorn ( horagai ). In war, the "war shell" was one of several signal devices used by samurai. However, you are totally right about Screech, as it is too intergrated. Also, I have to mention that they went the same way with Heralds Facet Of Nature. Basically it gives buffs based on the used Legend and gives an active skill when consumed. Again, it's just a sketch.

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"Ronin" would make a good name for either Revenant or Warriors upcoming new elite, but the design here is kinda meh.

Warhorn is generally a boring weapon, and the abilities you suggested are inferior to what Axe already does. Axe brings an offhand AoE CC to Revenant already, and a simple skill that just gives boons might be good in PvE but for PvP Axe 4 mobility would make it the better choice. Screech is also too similar to what Core Revs F2 already does. Meh.

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@Aeolus.3615 said:

@addisonstone.2570 said:I like Ronin as it would fit stylistically with the Tengu, who were Trail of Tears’d by the Canthans. I would make the legend Talon Silverwing, but I think I would base it around the greatsword instead.

talon used sword shield if i recall :\

Yes, but a sword to him might be a greatsword to someone else. IIRC, he also had a unique animation where he held his sword reversed. Either way, it could just be a simple retcon. There is already a precedent for turning GW swords into GW2 greatswords, such as the fellblade.

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@addisonstone.2570 said:There is already a precedent for turning GW swords into GW2 greatswords, such as the fellblade.And then there also is the purple-glowing one-handed version of it.

And the Fiery Dragon Sword in GW2 , as well as the old version of Sohothin and Magdaer still are one-handed swords.The Crystalline Sword also remained a one-hander.I probably missed a few, but there are more swords that remained one-handed swords when put into GW1 than there are swords that were turned in Greatswords.

And Talon used a Katana.Arenanet knows many (if not most) players would hate if Katana aren't going to be one-handers in EoD.

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