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[NA] Raid Shenanigans [RaSh] - Small raid guild recruiting for static


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*Recruitment closed.

We are a small raid guild looking for players who want to build a community together. The priority of the guild is to run end-game content efficiently and quickly, but keep a chill atmosphere and have fun!

Members should be proactive at gearing new classes and practicing their rotation to improve gameplay. We ask players to be patient and respectful towards each other but to also be open to constructive criticism. 

We consistently full clear Wings 1-7 and also do weekly CMs. Monday we do Wings 5-7, Tuesday is Wings 1-4, and Wednesday is for doing CMs that people still need, practicing new strats, or whatever we feel like that week. The weekly CMs that we do are Adina, Sabir, SH, Cairn, and KC.


Raid Schedule:

Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday 8PM-10PM CST (Server Reset +2)


What We’re Recruiting For:

Currently, we have one opening on our static for a Druid main

As a Druid player, you’ll be expected to be able to handle typical roles, such as pushing at SH. Bonus points if you're comfortable with tanking on Druid.

You must have pdps and cdps for the occasional times you won't be on Druid.



  • Experience with all bosses in Wings 1-7.
  • Multi-class that you are proficient at and willing to gear more.
  • Flexible with different roles at bosses (example: pylon kiter at QtP, greens at Dhuum, etc.) and willing to learn new roles/mechanics.
  • Hit at least 85% benchmark.
  • Patience for when a run doesn’t go smoothly or try different strats.
  • Must be able to reliably attend all three static nights.
  • Have Discord and a mic and be willing to actually voice chat.


If you have any questions or are interested in joining, please message me on Discord at Anonthiel#2359 or send me a mail in-game at Anonthiel.2730.

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