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Special Tournaments v. PvP Season


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I can only speak from my experience, but doing the special tournaments during the last week of the PvP League season feels like it split a player base that isn't the largest in the game and made ranked matches kind of crap. Could Anet explain why they decided to do this? Why couldn't it have waited one more week?

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For the simple reason that the pvp mode in this game has zero direction. They don’t know what to do and this is evident in the fact that even though the classes are balanced around 5v5, we have games with 2v2, 3v3 and now 4v4.

For this reason, they have wasted time creating 2v2 and 3v3 maps that are unfun and unbalanced instead of focusing and building on the 5v5 experience.

Even they don’t seem to know what to do with the downstate and res mechanic with death match being introduced this time.

All this reminds me of a brainstorming session we had in school where everyone in the group had disjointed ideas that ultimately resulted in nothing but wasted time and energy.

The devs should pick a direction for pvp and develop that instead of giving us this fragmented game mode where ideas die as soon as they are implemented.

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Why not every 2-3 month , we do an ingame census , offering 2 modes in the same time ?

(you know what ? Create a hubrid (Ranked/Tournamnt <=rename it.. (color highlighed - or 2x buttons half in size , divided by ''/'') button that stops Ranked play(so you won't loose rating) and force them to tournaments ...people are shy..Give them 50 silver for 16th place and also give them athem a buff that increase the gold based on how many past battles/victories you have (reset every week). Also the format changes from Conquest>Death every 4 hours too)

If people wants more gold (increases per win loss ...less than 150 points/reset monthly) , they will have to manually find other players + list themselves to the Tournaments list

Also , create a system where where the looser from each round will face the ''placibo'' team , where is filled with solo players . If not enought players fill the placibo team(or the solo players haven't ended their previous Ranked Match and they missed the oprotunity to push the Tournament bottun in 8 min , the other team wins by default

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