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How This Week Of Special ATs Feels

Trevor Boyer.6524

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Ok so we're getting an AT to participate in just about every hour.

^ This feels like the right consistency of ATs being ran to me. I can log in pretty much at any time, and be within a short interval of time to be able to form up an actual decent team and participate in an AT. I've been having a lot more fun with this than ranked matches. Also, the ATs are so close to each other that you can often leave one AT, wait 10 minutes and queue right up for another. This is how I always wanted the game to feel. Just saying.

Also might I add that the changing formats between 2v2 3v3 Stronghold 4v4, is great. It gives just the right amount of variation to where the ATs feel cycling & fresh, but not too tilted towards special matches.

I personally wish that this was not a special event, but rather a full patch that would leave the game in this state. This is an upgrade from grinding the broken ranked mode at this point.

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