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The Forum Siege Wars


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What the title say, 1 person will post one and the next guy will post how they attack/defend with siege and they post one of their ow etc.

Where would you place your siege to attack and defend.please StateMapObjectiveSiege UseDefensive/Offensive.

I will start withSunnyhill on the Alpine BorderlandSuperior Trebuchet next to the Vista on the Dome.Defensive: it protect the tower, Garrison and Bay1) Sneaky catapult spots far away near the trees hitting north wall of Sunnyhill Tower2) Catapult attacking Garrison on the northwest outer wall3) North Bay on the hill near the Veteran wurm.

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Alpine Borderland (as a home borderland)Bay KeepDune RollerAttacking the south wall as a distraction for a cata group, or if nobody reacts, just pierce the wall.

Not sure I did that well, but I am curious as to how an invader that captured Bay would react in theory, in practice, this tactic almost always succeed

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