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Wintersday mini crafting materials

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Years ago the Wintersday crafting items Plush Griffon Frame, Princess Doll Frame, Toy Golem Frame, Toy Soldier Frame, Ventari Frame, Mystical Cog, Wad of Enchanted Stuffing, and Drop of Magic Glue were made unavailable in the game. Since GW2 is being released on Steam I'd suggest this coming Wintersday might be a good time to bring them back for the influx of new players who will experience Wintersday for the first time.

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I don't see the need to bring them back. The only purpose for those items was to make the toy minis (Plush Griffon, Toy Golem, Toy Soldier, Princess Doll and Toy Ventari) and those are already available from the selection boxes for doing Wintersday dailies on 5 days or from the WvW reward track, so anyone who wants them can get them during the festival. IMO the new method is actually less restrictive than the original, which required running the wintersday dungeon over and over.

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