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Weakening charge and sic'em bug


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Hello!I am playing exclusively with action camera.

At some bosses, for example, XERA, sometimes (for example when we start to fight her and she is 100% health) my Weakening Charge moves past here even when she is my target. The skill performs the animation just when it doesn't have a target. When the skill bugs like this, my weakening charge performs this the whole fight and if we wipe - the next and etc.

At some bosses, for example, Sebatha, Sic'em skill (for example when she teleports back to middle and there are the mini boss and her) says I don't have a target, even when she is targeted and I am facing her and I see her icon and the other regular things when you target something.

I am posting this in bugs because I have asked in general chat several times for any solution and noone could give me any + I have asked in several discord channels for raid training - nobody has any idea.

Maybe, a very small group of people play with action camera and this bug, if it is one, is not very popular but I would love to see some feedback here.

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