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Short freezes whenever a ranger uses "Poison volley"

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Hey ! Weeks ago I've posted about a bug only I seem to experience.

Whenever I use Short Bow 2 on a ranger, my screen freezes for like half a second. At first it didn't bother me that much cause I don't like using SB anyway. Some time after that, I did the exploration mode of Twilight Arbor, and I immediately started to experience this bug once again, especially in the room where you get ambushed by some... nightmare court archers. Yep, they use the exact same skill as SB rangers do (at least it's the same animation). That was so annoying cause every 5s or so, my screen froze.

The worst case happened today. I've been in WvW with friends, and the game crashed like 3 or 4 times in 40 minutes, everytime there was a big fight, the game froze, forcing me to restart my computer. I can't tell for sure if the issue comes from this specific skill animation, but it looks like so, and as there are a LOT of animations being displayed at the same time in WvW, the small freezes I used to have in PvE are now multiplied and make the game crash. My PC is running fine, I play with everything maxed out, except model character limit set at low in WvW, and i'm around 40 FPS in big zergs, so the issue is not hardware-bound.

I've asked a friend to run some tests with his ranger, and here's what I found :

-When he's an ally, his SB 2 skill doesn't make me freeze, because I have "Effect LOD" enabled in my graphic options, so the rendered animation is less "flashy" as usual.-When he's an enemy, I do freeze as usual.

The effect LOD option doesn't seem to apply on foe's animations, which is, in my optinion, why I crash in WvW and in Twilight Arbor, but never have any issue in open world content, even when there's a lot of people, such as during world bosses or meta events.

Now, I tried about everything to get rid of this bug :

  • Clean installing the newest graphic drivers as well as trying older drivers
  • Repairing the game client
  • Re-installing the whole game from scratch
  • Tried the game with and without Nvidia filters (Nvidia Freestyle)
  • With and without d912 proxy

I really don't know what to do more, I don't even know where this bug comes from, nor why I seem to be the only one experiencing it. If you'd happen to know what could be the cause, i'd be really really grateful. If you need any more information, feel free to ask !

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Got this exact problem.
Micro freeze during combat, using a Ranger and short bow. My FPS and ping are good.
Is this really related to poison volley? Since I rarely use other characters I can't try to re-create the issue using another class.
I can reproduce this micro freeze on every map, while moving , a fraction of a second after using Poison Volley.

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Great, now I can't unsee the lag that skill causes when I use it.


EDIT: Oh and now I notice that the issue doesn't manifest when the arrows become invisible due to too many models on the screen. That's right, the lag issue actually gets BETTER with a zerg!

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I can't believe this is still bugged. It's been nearly 3 years now and it's the only reason why I don't use Shortbow. I noticed Bandits who also use Poison Volley during the Queen Jubilee also cause this same framerate dip. Something is wrong with when the poison arrow effect hits a target. It causes a big render delay for whatever reason. 

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