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CC skills for Guardian DH/FB


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Anything that pulls/stuns/dazes/knock down/pushes is a hard CC. Anything that cripples, chills, blinds, taunts, immobs, etc is a soft CC.

For example:Binding Blade --- pullDragon's Maw --- pullBane Signet --- knockdownHammer of Wisdom --- knockdownTome of Justice #3 (Chapter 3: Heated Rebuke) --- pullAxe#3 (Blazing Edge) --- pullScepter #3 (Chains of Light) --- immobShield of Absorption --- knockbackUnrelenting Criticism traited Axe #2 (Symbol of Vengeance) --- daze

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What Infusion @"Infusion.7149" said.

Also if you want a full detailed list of all hard control effects, the wiki has a complete list and even details exactly how much break bar damage the skills do: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Defiance_bar

Think of the break bar as a life bar type mechanic which takes "damage" from control effects. Soft control effects cause a constant drain on the bar, hard control effects reduce it by a fixed mount. Once the break bar reaches 0, the enemy experience the designated break bar effect.

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