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Sooo, only valuable build option for warrior in pvp/wvw is support?


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ive seen others being used, such as Zerker with Valk stats. Where you aim to crit on CC'd foes and burst skills only. Its a bit of a bandit build, as you have to jump in and out most of the fight, which does seem like its the way to play warrior now.... or always has been.

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Strength spellbreaker is decent against high end builds,but it is extremely weak against condition cheese(which won't work in highly organized plays) that is heavily populating the lower bracket.

which is why i really don't like playing warrior, if you get a decent match against equal skill player you can compete.but if you get paired with low level players which happens a lot now, you gonna get destroyed with all the condition cheese and your team won't help you with it.unlike other meta builds that can, not only compete with high level skill players, but can also deal with cheese builds from the low end.

also i do agree, warrior has no damage option other then weapon skills and rampage, it needs more damage options.

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PvP is more limiting with how the mode is played (Strength and Healbreaker), but in WvW with multiple things to do you can run a variety of Warrior builds. You will not be the first or best choice though in anything, we need buffs.

Because I solo roam, or play with less than 3 in small scale most of the time, I can run anything in WvW.

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