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[Cosmetic wish] Medizooka Mortar Kit?


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I was just levelling a new engineer and had a thought (that I know a few people would be adamantly against, which is fine, opinions are good). I would love to see the Elite Mortar Kit get visually replaced with the Medizooka from the latest mastery line. That shoulder cannon would be an awesome replacement for the little pinball shooter we have at the moment. And it's not like it would take a lot of work, I think. The animations are there for all the races now, and it could do with a bit of modernising.

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Good idea.

When they reworked mortar, we got told that the model is just a placeholder and will get changed. That was 5 years ago.I gave up the thought that some day they might give us a completely no model for that kit, but if they can just recycle a model they already designed with the medizooka, I don't see any reason not to do it.


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