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What Does Jormag Really Want? (Spoiler Alert)


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If I had to guess, I would think Jormag wants the water elder dragon's (Bubbles) command of water. The reason being ice is frozen water, and having Bubbles's powers would really amplify Jormag's command of ice (unless he ends up like Kralk from the process.) If Jormag remained sane from taking Bubbles's command of water he would probably lose any reason to keep the Commander and his allies alive. As for why Jormag would want Bubbles's command of water to begin with is something that still confuses me given the events of IBS.

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I feel like if Jormag's goal was to gain powers of Primordus or the DSD, then Jormag would be smart and patient enough to simply lie low rather than antagonist a well-established dragonslayer.

Jormag is a bare minimum of 10,000 years old, and three Elder Dragons felled within the span of eight years. That's like a blink of the eye compared to their lifespan, and Jormag seems intelligent enough to realize they were killed because they tried to attack the mortals that make up the Pact. Instead of perpetuating conflict and grabbing the Commander's attention, it would be far smarter to simply lie low, and wait for Primordus or the DSD or both to become a threat to the Commander and let the Commander do all the work for them.

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