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Necro Xpac History 2.0


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Congrats, Anet. This Dev apparently doesn't give a damn about necro. You've once again repeated history from beginning of this game, Heart of Thorns, and now this. Clearly, the dev for necro doesn't main or play it competitively. Their main is either an elementalist, warrior, or mesmer. No one wants to talk about those 3 classes three plus years of reigning in pve. No one bats an eye at the fact that elementalist continues with its 40k+ dps in pve in all of its specializations and with only its core profession. Not a peep that mesmers have the most utility in the game. No one wants to listen about warriors and see their passive group utility plus damage makes for them guaranteed a spot for fractals and two spots for raids. But necro gets to be close to the top top for less than two months in the beginning of an expansion and dumpster fire for the remainder. /golfclap Don't know why I hold out hope for this class. It's the only one that intrigues me, and now I see history repeating again and again. This is turning into insanity. Maybe that's the elite specialization I'll have to wait for so necros to get to have a decent pve utility or support build. Cheers.

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