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One Scourge Shade Bug Left to Fix


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Foes near shades receive the F1/Manifest Sand Shade (MSS) torment+cripple when using F5/Desert Shroud, but foes near the caster and not near their shades DO NOT receive the MSS torment+cripple when using Desert Shroud. This bug also applies to the Dhuumfire and Unyielding Blast traits. Foes near the caster and not near their shades DO NOT receive the MSS burn from Dhuumfire or the MSS vulnerability from Unyielding Blast when you use Desert Shroud.

Also, the Reaper's Might trait continues to only apply might to the caster when using the F1 ability and not when using F2-5 abilities which also proc MSS. Is this a bug? Might application from Reaper's Might is not consistent with Dhuumfire and Unyielding Blast, but I am not sure if this distinction is because Reaper's Might applies boons rather than conditions or because it only affects the caster rather than affecting targets near the caster and/or their shades.

Thank you for the recent bug fixes to shades! Shades are a lot more user-friendly now when trying to maximize condition damage.

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