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Gear for healing/support spec for PvE


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Hey guys,I'd like to know what gear would be good for healing/support build, either a healing staff or maybe auramancer.

From metabattle I've seen one build saying Magi (healing, precision, vitality), but I dont get how that is superior to other stuff.The precision on Magi is basically going to waste, and something like Minstrel (healing, tough, vit, con) will be much tankier with bit less healing, or even few Celestial pieces seems like would provide enough healing with a lot of tankiness and dmg. Or maybe Cleric so you get power and not precision.

Just trying to wrap my head around it since I've never played a support build.

While were at it, what support builds work for fracs/raids for our class ?

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For Auramancer Minstrel is probably your best bet. You can run Harrier instead if you want to avoid getting toughness. Anything else I wouldn't recommend because of the lost Concentration.

For a staff Healer you can run pretty much any heal/support stat. I personally went for Minstrel so I can be a bit more flexible and switch to either of the support builds depending on what's needed. The only issue you can have with Minstrel is taking the aggro from your tank in raids. This can be countered if you have legendary pieces which you can swap to "no-toughness" stats instead.

Don't bother using offensive stats. Your damage will be next to nothing in any case. Pick the stats which work for your build. I mean, if you can get some power or condi along - sure, why not. But don't sacrifice healing or concentration for these.

As for what works in high-end content - the two builds you already cited (d/wh auras and arcane staff heal). Be warned though, many groups will not want a support ele anyway, because you're not a druid. Not because of the healing capabilities, rather the amount of offensive group buffs you bring. Which will be zero. Technically in fractals druid isn't as needed because of the fractal potions, but most groups still prefer one anyway.

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