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Stop making jumping puzzles part of every content unlock in the game. Alot of us hate/loathe doing jumping puzzles. The Game is supposed to be fun. Not a total spend hours trying to do a stupid jump over and over. Some of us aren't playing on the best computer and any bit of lag...or being hit by something in mid jump is not fun. Having to try over and over at the same thing is by definition INSANITY. I stopped playing for a while because you've gone over the top with the stupid jumping puzzles. Some of us do love the content but alot of us wish you would just stop with the stupid puzzles in everything. I dont care if you have jumping puzzles just dont make them part of unlocks for contents like mounts and such. Let them have their own seperate achievement which i believe they already do.

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Well, trying the same thing over and over is kind of the definition of an MMO if we're being brutally honest. Now, I personally love jumping puzzles, but I understand the frustration with the in-combat slow down (a mechanic I am not a fan of). I also understand that this sort of content is very difficult for people with some form of imparement, or a low spec pc. In the end though, the game is all about guilds and playing together with others. There are plenty of alternatives in the game to skip jumping puzzles. Players can be portalled up to the end of a jumping puzzle, and there are items that make them a lot easier. If you are struggling with a particular jumping puzzle, with the exception of the Mad King's Clocktower, or the Winter Wonderland JP, may I recommend this item?

The Prototype Position rewinderhttps://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Prototype_Position_Rewinder

This item allows you to save your position, so if you fail a jump, you can instantly teleport back to your previous position.

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