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Suggestions - Guild Hall Upgrades

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I have to say, now that Shadow of a Mad King is out I'm disappointed! No new guild anthem or guild hall music for the festival? I fully expected to get this after the SAB additions this year!I would like to see music and anthems for EVERY festival, and...Everyone with an established guild hall has been begging for new upgrades, so I have a suggestion to throw out there. What about a brilliant new machine or technician for guild hall environment upgrades?What I'm suggesting is a way to select things like night, day, ground fog, snow, falling leaves, fireworks, blooming flowers in spring, etc. to compliment the music and decorations for the holiday or even the guilds personal preference any time of year.
But please for goodness sake don't require more candy corn or snowflakes to complete them! Can't we use larger quantities of lesser items like: toilet paper, rotten eggs, and spicy pumpkin cookies for a change?

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